Welcome to the BRC Blog

July 2, 2009

In association with the return of BRCFootball.com, I am proud to introduce the BRCFootball.com blog feature. My name is Dan Tracy and I am thrilled to be writing about one of the premiere football conferences in the state of Wisconsin, The Big Rivers.

Similar to Jace Bresina, I am also a former BRC player. I just graduated this year from Superior High School after playing four years for the Spartans. I started my junior year at defensive end and my senior year at both tight end and defensive end. I will be attending Iowa State University this fall to pursue a degree in Journalism.

But enough about me. This blog is about the athletes, coaches and fans of the Big Rivers Conference. In the upcoming weeks I will be providing the latest recruiting news, determining whats fact and fiction, and giving you an extensive preview of the highly anticipated 2009 high school football season.

One of my primary goals with this blog is to create some (appropriate) football-related dialogue. I may write something about the Eau Claire North game that will upset someone from River Falls but by staying professional in your comments and suggestions, you can help me in covering the BRC in a fair and unbiased manner.

I will post a new topic or article every two to three days but with more input from you the reader, I will post more often. Feel free to leave me any suggestions or possible story ideas by e-mailing me at dtracy@iastate.edu.

Dan Tracy



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