Conferences or Districts?

July 23, 2009

As Wissports.net reported yesterday, the WIAA has brought forth a proposal that would eliminate the current football conference setup and replace it with a district grouping based off of both enrollment and geography.

Here are the proposed Divisions and Districts containing BRC teams. BRC teams are in bold and school enrollments are in parentheses:

Division 1

District A

Chippewa Falls (1,561)

D.C. Everest (1,816)

Eau Claire Memorial (1,737)

Eau Claire North (1,446)

Hudson (1,661)

Stevens Point (2,301)

Superior (1,528)

Wausau West (1,595)

Division 2

District A

Holmen (1,077)

La Crosse Central (1,316)

La Crosse Logan (1,037)

Menomonie (1,070)

New Richmond (866)

Onalaska (907)

River Falls (1,052)

Tomah (1,007)

Division 3

District A

Amery (533)

Ashland (747)

Ellsworth (587)

Hayward (683)

Medford Area (709)

Osceola (594)

Rice Lake (787)

Tomahawk (525)

In my opinion, I believe that this plan could turn out to be giant step in the right direction for Wisconsin High School Football. I look at some of these matchups as becoming big time rivalries and I also see that, with these districts, that the competition appears to be fairly equal. It creates some interesting scenarios where a close game in the regular season can be replayed in the post-season. I also think it solves last year’s fiasco with the conference realignment of the Big Rivers and Wisconsin Valley Conferences.

Here are a few key points direct from the proposal that you can view at http://www.wiaawi.org/football/footballdistrict/FBPlayoffProposal.pdf.

“Week one games can be used to schedule traditional or historical games.”

Past BRC rivalries can be renewed with each team able to play outside their district and division.

“Rice Lake – Division 3 playing in a Division 1 conference”

Rice Lake may be the BRC team getting the best deal as they would go from the smallest school in the BRC to the largest in their district.

“Several schools are experiencing problems scheduling non-conference games”

This sure helps out the athletic directors at powerhouses like Stevens Point and D.C. Everest. They will only have to worry about scheduling one non-district game versus two.

The decision to move to a District system wouldn’t go in effect until, at the very earliest, the 2010 season but it still brings a great debate to life across the state of Wisconsin.

So tell me what you think.

Should the WIAA move to a District system in football, or stick with the current conference and win to get in setup?

Also, if the current proposal passes, do you think it will have a positive or a negative effect on the current BRC Teams?

And finally, which team benefits the most from the proposal and which team will the proposal hurt the most?

Leave a comment below.

Dan Tracy




  1. I liked the Big Rivers the way it was. The BRC shouldn’t be forced to join into a different conference just because the Valley is having a little trouble with teams wanting out and scheduling NC games. I really don’t believe it is that hard for SPASH and Everest to find a NC game. There are plenty of teams like Kimberly and teams over by Green Bay that would play them. And going out of state is always an option too. It’s a little drive, but it’s just as bad up to Superior.

  2. This plan has 2 major problems as I see it. Frist, travel; this will add even more of a burden to school districts that are already dealing with shrinking athletic budgets. Also it will require teams to leave school even earlier to make seven pm game times. (maybe saturday games?). Second it does not provide any more parity. Powerhouse programs like SPASH will continue to dominate while programs like the two Eau Claire programs will have even more difficulty competing. It is unwise in my opinion to change every conference in the state just because the Valley has football teams bailing.
    Would it be possible to take the strength of the program into account when aligning districts/divisions/confrences??

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