The Blog Schedule

August 27, 2009

As we gear up for the high school football season which is only one day away, I decided to come up with a blogging schedule to both help me stay organized and to keep you, the reader, informed about what to look for Monday through Saturday on the BRC blog.


Story of the Week

This will be the one big storyline to look for in the BRC for that specific week. This could be anything from a player injury to a marquee matchup and anything in between. I will also highlight one of the BRC games as the “Game of the Week.”

Stat Leaders

In addition to the story of the week, I will take a quick glance at the stat leaders in the conference. Hopefully, with cooperation from coaches, BRCFootball.com will be receiving and posting statistics on a weekly basis.


Get Burned

Like most people reading this blog, I am a sports nut. Therefore I have decided to give a quick break to the chat about the BRC and provide a quick look at the collegiate and professional sports world through a segment I will call “Get Burned.” For any followers of Spartan TV Channel 14, this segment is a continuation from the sports commentary show that I co-anchored, “The Third Degree.” In these articles I will point out a high school, collegiate or professional figure that has done something wrong and give them a little lashing based on their actions. I will not “burn” any players, coaches, or fans from the BRC.


R & R

No rest and relaxation for this blogger. This time R and R stands for Recruiting and Rankings. Here will be where you will see both recruiting updates on players in the BRC and also to see where each BRC team stands in the weekly high school football rankings.


Predictions for the Week

On Thursdays, I will post the predictions by both Jace Bresina and myself on the blog and on the Wissports BRC board. We will provide our own analysis of each game and predict both the score and who we believe will walk off the field victorious on Friday night. In the case of Thursday games being played, I will post the predictions on Wednesday.


Live updates on Twitter

I will be posting live updates on Friday nights on the BRCFootball Twitter page, twitter.com/brcfootball. The updates will also show up on the right side of the blog page. I will be able to get updates on Superior games because of the IFan network but any other updates will either come from the Wissports Board or from anyone who would like to send them to me at dtracy@iastate.edu. All final results will be posted on the blog on Friday night.


Play of the Week

The play of the week will either be a big yard gainer or a key play that turned the tide in one of the BRC games.

Game of the Week

Kind of obvious here. The game of the week will honor the two teams that produced the best Friday night game for that specific week.

Player of the Week

This won’t necessarily be based specifically on statistics but it will showcase the most valuable player in the BRC for that specific week.

Quote of the Week

An interesting quote from either a coach or player that I find in one of the local newspapers.

Check back later tonight for our Week 1 predictions.

Dan Tracy



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