5,000 reasons to blog about the BRC

September 14, 2009

Usually I take Sundays off for blogging (have to study for college some time) but I felt it appropriate to thank the people that have been checking out this website.

I launched the blog here on June 31 and since then it has been fun getting to spend a few hours a week writing up these articles up about the conference. A lot has changed since June 31. That day I had a total of five views of the blog which I had expected because BRCFootball.com hadn’t launched yet. Compare that to this past Friday when I signed onto my blog right around 6:00 p.m. before I started watching the Hudson and Superior game on the Ifan network and a very different number popped up on my screen. 355 views on Friday. Another interesting number popped up near the bottom of the screen. 5,000. The total amount of views I had received from June 31 up until September 11.

I didn’t write up this blog to brag about being some awesome BRC insider because I know that I am not. I’d just like to thank everyone who has checked out the blog and made it fun to work on. I look forward to the continued growth of the blog and of BRCFootball.com.

Another week in the BRC and I’m excited as always to provide my insight on the week’s happenings. If there are any ideas or story ideas you would like to send my way, I can be reached by e-mail at dtracy@iastate.edu.

Dan Tracy



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